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Google Hangout 125

What would you ask today’s great explorers?

On Sunday, January 13th at 1pm ET,  National Geographic’s biggest names in exploration and innovation will be participating LIVE in the most epic Google+ Hangout to date.

You can be a part of an historic conversation as legendary explorers Robert Ballard, James Cameron, and Jane Goodall chat with Crittercam engineers Greg Marshall and Kyler Abernathy in Antarctica, wildlife conservationist Paula Kahumbu in Kenya, archaeologist Cecilia Mauricio in Peru, biologist Krithi Karanthin India, research engineer Albert Lin in California, former astronaut Scott Parazynski, and NG Weekend host Boyd Matson.

This is also a wonderful opportunity for the classroom. While you can watch live on Sunday, you can also replay this unique event for your students any time you want from the National Geographic Explorers Journal blog.

If you’d like, you can send in questions for the explorers during the hangout and they may be asked on-air. You may even be invited to join the Hangout to ask your question live. Submit your question by:

  • Uploading a video question to YouTube with #NatGeo125
  • Posting a question on Google+ or Twitter with #NatGeo125
  • Commenting directly on this blog post

For 125 years, National Geographic has been at the leading edge of exploration, conservation, and scientific research. Now technology is allowing us to go places and make discoveries not possible before. This is a new age of exploration. We invite you to join us on the journey–and get closer to our explorers along the way.

Follow National Geographic on Google+ or tune in right here on this blog to watch the Google+ Hangout Sunday, January 13th at 1 p.m. ET (6 p.m. UTC).

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