Children’s World Map Competition

In 2013, youth from around the globe will be participating in the 20th annual Barbara Petchenik international map competition, organized by the International Cartographic Association. The competition is open to children and youth age 16 and under and is organized into 4 different age groupings: under 6, ages 6-8, ages 9-12, and ages 12-16. The aim of the competition is to promote children’s creative representation of the world, to enhance their cartographic awareness and to make them conscious of their environment.


winning image, “Living in a Globalized World in one Ark” by Juan
Edwin Kusmartin, Indonesia, age 10.

The theme of the 2013 competition is “My Place in Today’s World”. Youth cartographers can bring their own creativity into their project, as maps may be illustrated in any way, using pictures, drawings, words, objects, or other graphical elements. So have your students get out the paint brushes, pencils, chisels, leaves, recycled materials–YOU pick your own materials–and start working on their maps today!

For teachers, students, and families wishing to submit maps in the United States, download this flyer with the full rules for submission. Entries must be received by March 15.

For those wishing to submit from other countries, get in touch with the International Cartographic Association contact in your country. Find them here.

Enjoy browsing these previously winning images and brilliantly unique perspectives by talented young from around the world:


“The World In a Click” by Ana Carolina Otton Sarmanho, Brazil, age 12.

childrensmap-win2011-age13-estonia.jpg“See the World Shining in your Eyes” by  Helena Väinmaa, Estonia, age 13.

childrensmap-2011winner-age15-iran.jpg“Living In the Globalized World Is Like a Music Playing And Continents Are Its Alphabets. When You Play All Together It Has Meaning” by Arian Karimi Jahromi, Iran, age 15.

childrensmap-2011winner-age7-lithuania.jpg“A Message To a Blind Friend” by Augustė Kriščiūnaitė, Lithuania, age 7.

childrensmap-2011winner-age15-newzealand.jpg” The World At My Fingertips – Remains a Puzzle” by Hayden Livingstone, New Zealand, age 15.

childrensmap-2011winner-age7-russia.jpg“We And Our World” by Alisa Yurchenko, Russian Federation, age 7.

childrensmap-2011winner-age11-southafrica.jpg“Global Heartbeat” by Robert Breebaart, South Africa, age 11.

Can’t wait to see what this year’s competition brings!

8 thoughts on “Children’s World Map Competition

  1. I am a Teacher at Saudi Arabia and I wish my students must participate in this competition.How can they participate for this.

    1. Good morning! The Barbara Petchenik Children’s World Map Drawing Competition is organized every two years. The next competition will be in 2017. Find more information from the International Cartographic Association here:

  2. Hello I come from Indonesia, could I participate my kid in this contest ? I tried to contact Indonesia National Member :

    Dr Asep Karsidi, Chairman
    Jl. Raya Jakarta, Bogor km. 46
    Cibinong 16911
    e-mail: or

    But the email doesn’t work.
    Could you help me ?

    1. Dear Ira,

      Yes, your kid is welcome to participate the competition. So sorry that you had difficulties contacting us before, but I am happy that you contacted Jesus so he could direct you to us (thanks, Jesus!).

      Please find more information about the rules and deadline on our website Oh, by the way BIG (Badan Informasi Geospasial / Geospatial Information Agency) is the new name of our institution replacing BAKOSURTANAL.

      Okay Ira, we are looking forward to receiving your kid’s masterpiece.. 🙂


      From: “Jesus REYES”
      Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2013 13:54:34 +0100
      To: ira kurnia santoso
      Subject: Re: About Barbara Petchenik Children’s Map Competition

      Dear Ira,

      I can help you giving the e-mail addresses of colleagues who have been involved in activities related to the Indonesian competition in the last years:
      Diah K. Kresnawati (she is retired, but perhaps can help you)
      Sukendra Martha
      Rizka Windiastuti

      I am forwarding this message for them too…

      Best regards,

    1. Dear Patricia,
      My name is Jesus Reyes and I am the Chairperson of the Commission on Cartography and Children in the International Cartographic Association (ICA), organizer of this competition. First of all, thank you for your interest in the competition and asking to your question: Mexico is ICA member, so the Mexician representatives were informed about the competition by the Secretary General last September or October. Till now your country participated in three competitions: 1993, 1997 and in 2009. I can give you the address of the representative institution in your country, you can contact ans ask them about the competition:

      National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI)
      attn. lic. Pilar Garcia Velazquez, Directora de Asuntos Internacionales
      Av. Heroe de Nacozari 2301
      Fraccionamiento Jardines del Parque
      20276 Aguascalientes, AGS

      If Mexico is not going to organize the competition officially and you are interested to participate with your pupils, please contact me directly and we can try to find a solution. My e-mail address is:

      Gracias de nuevo y mantengamosnos en contacto… Saludos

  3. I am a Social Studies teacher on an island called St.Maarten in the Caribbean. I would like my students to participate in the World Map Competition, but my country Netherlands Antilles or since 2010 Country St. Maarten is not listed among your member countries. What can I do?

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