Tell Us About Your Citizen Science Work

Are you involved in a
citizen science project? If you volunteer with a project asking
scientific questions, then you are probably a citizen scientist!
National Geographic Education is putting together a geostory that
highlights participation in citizen science projects happening around
the country involving a wide variety of people. Check out our article on
citizen science, and an example geostory from National Geographic
Education and then if interested in being highlighted in a new geostory,
follow the instructions below.

Citizen Science Article
Example GeoStory


1. Answer 8 questions using the submission form at the link below.
2. Select 2 photos (minimum)–a headshot and a photo of you doing your
citizen science activity. You can include more than 1 activity photos,
if you would like.

3. Send in your photos to Anna Switzer at by November 16, 2012.

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