Media Monday: Multimedia at National Geographic Education

With kids out of school and summer in full swing, how are you going to keep your students learning?  Besides sending them outdoors to discover their neighborhood with Mission:Explore activities, here are some captivating multimedia activities they can engage in while in downtime at their computers.


Online mapping platform that allows you to explore your world with map themes, data, and customization tools.
Photo courtesy of National Geographic Education.

Explore educational videos, ranging from stories about the President’s use of media to National Geographic exploration and research to fascinating NG Live! speakers.


From fishy hermaphrodites to bay mud, photos are accompanied by fast facts, vocabulary, and questions to keep students learning.

Photo courtesy of Toni Morris, MyShot.
Students of all age grades can learn through NG Education’s interactive games. GIS in Action uses maps as tools for adventure, whereas Go on a Family Adventure uses maps to find places and solve clues like an explorer.  Find the Sunken Treasure employs a gradiometer and seafloor maps to virtually hunt for treasure.

Photo courtesy of NG Education.
Want more than just a map?  Check out our geo-stories, collections of map locations, each with a interesting blurb to tell about the subject at hand.  From American Wetlands Month to Hominin History, our collection is wide ranging.
Geo-story courtesy of NG Education Programs.


Our map collection is extensive, from mapping activities such as creating a local weather map  to galleries showcasing African American population distribution across the United States.
Courtesy of NG Maps.

— Justin Fisch for National Geographic Education

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