3rd Grader Mural and Fauna Activities

A class of 3rd graders created a wall mural depicting the various undersea “zones,” or vertical regions, where specific fauna and environmental conditions exist. These zones include the epipelagic zone (closest to surface), mesopelagic (twilight zone), bathypelagic (midnight zone, abyssopelagic (the abyss), and hadopelagic (deep sea trenches). Deep sea hydrothermal vents are usually found in the bathypelagic and abyssal zones.

1-mural-deepsea.jpgA very detailed cross-section of the ocean as seen through the eyes of elementary students, exposing the various depth-related layers encountered as one goes to the ocean floor.

To help students understand the various ocean animal and plant
ecosystems, our education website has some activities and galleries
available for all age levels.

Look at our illustration gallery of marine ecosystems for some beautifully detailed pictures that you can use to quiz students on animal names and identification.

Explore the role that phytoplankton play in created the oxygen that we breathe, even on land, and how such tiny organisms allow the continued survival of clean and healthy ocean communities.

Lastly, check out our Deep Sea Ecosystems: Extreme Living activity about adaptations that the denizens of the depth have made due to the extreme conditions encountered there. You can find these resources and many more on our ocean education page.


Critical Links
1. deepseachallenge.com (Main National Geographic site for the expedition)
2. NatGeoEd.org/deepsea-challenge (National Geographic Education site for the expedition. Find activities, maps, multimedia, reference content, and more.)
3. Expedition Journal
(The official blog from the deck of Mermaid Sapphire, James Cameron’s
mother ship. Our Education bloggers are using this blog, as well as the
main deepseachallenge.com website, to inform their writing about the

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