DEEPSEA CHALLENGE: Student Watercolors

A group of first graders in an art class were asked to illustrate their ideas of what sorts of creatures James Cameron might encounter in the Marianas Trench. They created these watercolor paintings in response.

Watercolor_1.jpgSabrina’s representation of a “Sein” fish, complete with light ball on its head. Perhaps a new type of angler fish?

Watercolor_2.jpgJustin envisions a certain “boom fish” living in the murky waters of the trench.

Watercolor_3.jpgThe deep sea could hold a host of species in Taylar’s opinion, everything from a glowing puffer fish to a sea lion!

img012-nolastname.jpgThis student imagines a bright yellow starfish living “in the deepest part of the ocean” with no eyes and an appetite for squids.

To reiterate the same question asked of these students–and to all our readers last week on the blog–What do you think James Cameron will find at the bottom of the Marianas Trench?

We invite students and others to share their ideas in the comments section of the
blog. We also welcome drawings or other creative visuals. Please email
all artwork as attachments (e.g. JPEG, PDF) to SUBJECT: DEEPSEA CHALLENGE and we will post our favorites here on the blog.


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