National Geographic BioBlitz!

A high school class full of creative minds. The picturesque Sonoran desert. Pop tunes. Drama. Action. Suspense. Snakes. Saguaros. You get all this and more in a video produced by the AmeriSchools College Prep Academy in Tucson, Arizona.

The video highlights the National Geographic BioBlitz held in Saguaro National Park last October 2011. The event, co-hosted by National Geographic and the National Park Service, brought more than 5,000 participants into the field–including students and scientists–for a 24-hour inventory of species in the park.

The count added more than 400 species to park lists, including 190 species of invertebrates and 205 species of fungi previously unknown to exist in Saguaro. The BioBlitz is all about recording and celebrating biodiversity, and the students do a great job capturing this spirit in their video.

Want to learn more about the environment and ecosystems around Saguaro
National Park? Check out the FieldScope project to view photos from the
species inventory, explore bio-regions, and more. And keep your eye on
the Nat Geo Education website for the Rocky Mountain National Park
FieldScope project, which will soon launch in support of our upcoming
BioBlitz in Colorado August 24-25, 2012.

Speaking of the
BioBlitz this summer in Colorado, we challenge you, our blog readers, to
be as creative as the students from Americschools College Prep Academy
in Tucscon and come up with your own video to get the world excited
about BioBlitz. Whether you’re a middle school, high school, or
university group, join the fun and help us get the National Geographic
community excited for a BioBlitz in the Rocky Mountains!

Sean O’Connor
Project Manager, Educational Mapping

Hopefully you will find the above link and information about BioBlitz to be an inspiring start to your next outdoor adventure.

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