Media Monday: National Geographic Live! Explorer Symposium

ta_tp_oceansoul_ci.jpgFor those who haven’t had the pleasure of visiting National Geographic headquarters in Washington, D.C. for whatever reason, hopefully you will be convinced to come see the exciting presentations, films, dances, and even wine tastings that the “Live!” program coordinates. National Geographic Live! offers visitors, tourists, and employees with ways to interact with everyone who represents National Geographic in a global and educational context: from Explorers returning from the field, to exciting adventure film festivals, to photographers presenting their portfolios, to stories of sensational outdoor experiences. The events are varied and can easily make for a great class lesson opportunity or even an intellectually-stimulating night out with friends and family.
Last week I had the chance to volunteer to usher for the Banff Film Festival, here all the way from Alberta, Canada, where I got to watch some very innovative and exciting movies that focused on outdoor adventure and global issues awareness. For the general public, $20 offered you the chance to see 6 films in one night that only a few cities have had the chance to see so far. It was a truly inspiring event that was much an appeal to the visual and auditory senses as it moved the emotions.

Available now for free are DVD recordings from four NG Live! Explorer
Symposium sessions held throughout 2011. Each one focuses on a pertinent
topic that the Explorer or Fellow wants to bring to the forefront of
interest and conservation. check them out at these links!

1) “Seafood and Survival” with chef Barton Seaver
2) “Lions, Leeches, and Cobra Tongues” with photographer Mattias Klum

3) “Exploring the Edge of Existence” with oceanographer Robert Ballard and Nobel Laureate  John Mather

4) “Exploring Alien Oceans” with Emerging Explorer Kevin Hand

if you ever find yourself in our Nation’s capital, make a note to check
out one of the many wonderful events that National Geographic hosts for
the public in its “Live!” series. For upcoming shows, you can view the
interactive brochure at this link.

Have a happy Monday!

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