Monday Funday Photos: Pups in Snow

Today we had our first snowfall in several weeks here in Washington, D.C.–which is strange, as we’ve usually had at least a few serious flurries by this point in the season.

I thought I’d share some cute National Geographic My Shot photos of dogs enjoying the snow to mark the occasion. I always think it’s intriguing to see how pets react to new environments and weather conditions. My cat will have nothing to do with snow–my neighbor’s dog can’t get enough of the cold, wet stuff. A couple I know took their D.C.-based dog to Manhattan Beach in L.A. over the holidays; they strapped bicycle flashers on her and let her run rampant in the evening darkness. What do you think affects how pets react to new geographies? Individual personality? Life experience? Breed?


A golden retriever shows off her frisbee-hula hoop skills in Urbana, Illinois.



Top: Pretzel, a long-haired dachschund, looks positively regal in her Rochelle Park, NJ backyard.

Above: A yellow lab named “CeeJay” models festive winter wear in Little Ferry, NJ.

Have you ever had a memorable experience taking your pet to a new place? Tell us about it!

Photo Credits:
Donna Hoeflinger, My Shot
William Graziano, My Shot
Bruce Hildebrandt, My Shot

Sarah Jane for My Wonderful World

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