Geoman’s Journal: A Tale of One Geography Teacher’s Trip to the Amazon

What do you get when you take a seasoned geography educator, send him on a multi-week adventure to the Amazon, and equip him with a blog to tell his story? Twenty-one days of inspired teaching moments and fascinating photographs!

We invite teachers and their students to follow along as Herb Thompson, better known to his colleagues and former students as “Geoman,” travels from Nassau, Bahamas, to the mouth of the Amazon River in Brazil, to it’s terminus in Iquitos, Peru. Herb is a retired world geography teacher who has been a teaching consultant and co-coordinator for the National Geographic-supported Nevada Geographic Alliance for several decades.

Herb_MVExplorer.jpgTwenty-five years ago Herb embarked on a Semester at Sea adventure that changed his life and those of the many students who would benefit from his enlightened teachings about the world. Prior to his Semester at Sea experience Herb had traveled to one foreign country–Mexico–he has since visited 65.


Manaus, Brazil

National Geographic, along with partners Semester at Sea and others, is
thrilled to support Herb on this anniversary journey. We certainly hope
you’ll follow along and learn from his experiences and rich discussions
on geographic topics. Please feel free to comment on this blog or on
our Facebook page.

you a creative teacher who would love to travel and turn your
explorations into exciting learning opportunities for your students?
National Geographic Education, in partnership with Lindblad Expeditions,
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Meet Maia–her family owns the Pensao (hotel) Sulita in Manaus, Brazil. Maia is six years old and loves the beach ball globe Herb gave her from National Geographic Kids!

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