Monday Funday Photo of the Week: Happy Hanukkah!

Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah, a holiday honoring the Maccabees’ victory over King Antiochus, who forbid Jews to practice their religion. For eight nights, Hanukkah is celebrated with prayer, the lighting of the menorah, and food. A menorah has nine candles, a candle for every night, plus a helper candle. Children play games, sing songs, and exchange gifts. Potato pancakes, known as latkes in Yiddish, are traditionally associated with Hanukkah and are served with applesauce and sour cream. (National Geographic Kids)

2009-08-25_0600387.JPGTo learn more about Jewish history and traditions, check out Hidden History, a National Geographic Education article that explores the history of the little-known Crypto-Jews in Latin America. Tune in next week as the My Wonderful World blog takes a look at another holiday celebrated by many Americans and others around the world: Christmas!

2011-04-19_0000191.JPGPhoto Credits: Mike Perkins (Nat Geo Your Shot) & Julia Elena Calderon (Nat Geo Your Shot)
–Julia for My Wonderful World

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