CONTEST: GeoEye Image Quiz Results and Winners!

Geography Awareness Week 2011 featured a daily satellite imagery quiz challenging readers to identify the geographic location of a GeoEye satellite image. The following are the results of the quiz and the winners of the latest edition of The Complete National Geographic.
1. Name this volcano. It is the only active volcano of in a chain of eight major volcanoes located in Congo, Eastern Africa.


A. Mount Nyiragongo volcano
Winner: Courtney from Virginia, U.S.A.

2. This location draws tens of thousands of people every third Sunday in April.

vatican_city.jpgA. Vatican City   

Winner: Jeff from Maryland, U.S.A.

Home of characters like Mickey Mouse, this new play place, “where dreams come true” is located in which heavily populated East Asia city?


A. Tokyo
Winner: Michael from Edinburgh, Scotland

4. This “Sports City” is the capital of which middle eastern country?


A. Qatar
Winner: Julie from Illinois, U.S.A.

5. This Royal Palace is the largest in Western Europe,  with 2,800 rooms. Name the city and country where it is located.


A. Madrid, Spain
Winner: Sarah from Texas, U.S.A
Congratulations to our Geography Awareness Week GeoEye Contest Winners! Tune into our annual blog-a-thon next November and YOU could be the winner of one of our fabulous prizes!
–Julia from My Wonderful World

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