Blog-a-thon: The Big Snow Storm!

This blog-a-thon submission comes from Manya Kaushik who is in 3rd grade. It is about the adventure of having a snow storm hit South Brunswick, NJ.

snow.JPGIn South Brunswick, NJ there was a big storm! In the morning it started to flurry. We never really expected it to snow at all but we were really surprised how much it was snowing; around 10:00am it started to get cold. Then at 11:00am it started to snow! It was snowing all day and all of the places that we had to go got cancelled. In the evening we went to our friends’ birthday party and the power went out. When we came back the power was still out. We had to sleep with no heater and it was really cold. The power was out for 36 hours! The power came back on Monday early morning before school started. The power was out because the trees still had leaves and the leaves held the snow. Therefore the trees slanted and fell on all the power lines this was a big storm for South Brunswick that was before Halloween! The End!

Manya Kaushik
Photo Credit: Your Shot, Linda Donahue

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  1. One of the sweetest blog that I have ever read Manya . Keep up the good work. That you have made a start , wish to see you every year in Blog A Thon

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