CONTEST: Monday GeoEye Image Quiz!

GeoEye Quiz 1: The Rules: In order to participate, fans of National Geographic Education have 24 hours after this post is published to guess the location of the satellite image and and e-mail their answer to (Submissions must include the following to be entered to win: “GeoEye Quiz” in the subject line, first and last name, complete mailing address, and the correct answer in the body of the email). Daily images and clues will be shared via Facebook, Twitter, and the My Wonderful World blog today through Friday of Geography Awareness Week.  All correct submissions for each day will be entered into a drawing for a prize, and one winner will be selected at random each day.

Good luck and here in your first chance to win:

The clue: It is the only active volcano of in a chain of eight major volcanoes located in Congo, Eastern Africa. Name this volcano. Send your guess to to win!
Satellite Image courtesy GeoEye Foundation


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