4th annual blog-a-thon has begun!

Geography Awareness week has officially begun!
For the next 7 days, we at National Geographic Education are excited to bring you extra content, blog posts, contests, and more in celebration of this spectacular week. As we begin to gear up, I have to warn you that the My Wonderful World blog is going to be taken over by great guest bloggers from all over the world!
We have awesome videos, photo galleries, and other creative blog submissions that will be posted here throughout the week as part of the 2011 Blog-a-thon. So get ready to go on an adventure, because Geography Awareness Week is finally here–and it’s mission is to make an explorer out of YOU! You can follow us here, on Facebook, and through our Twitter feed (@NatGeoEducation). Stay tuned to compete each day in our GeoEye satellite quiz competition, read fresh blogs from new authors, and participate in the annual celebration of Geography. Ready or not, here we go!
–Julia from My Wonderful World

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