Monday Funday Photo of the Week: Majestic Mountains

As a fresh way to kick off the work week, My Wonderful World is now bringing our readers a Monday-Funday Photo of the Week.  Designed not only around aesthetics, this photo sharing start-to-the-week is also about facilitating geographic discussion on current events and relevant topics.

Today’s topic is a range (pun intended) of breathtaking views that celebrate some of the most stunning mountains around the world.


The image above was taken in Gokyo, Nepal

2011-11-05_1236674.JPGAbove are the Julian Alps in Northwestern Slovenia

2011-11-06_0000106.JPGAnd finally, a photo taken in Stanley, Idaho, USA

To learn more about how these spectacular sites came to be, check out this Map Gallery from National Geographic Education and the PALEOMAP Project, which shows the movement of Earth’s tectonic plates from 600 millons years ago to present day.  
Photo Credits: Your shot, Derrick Lim, Jens Lauschke & Lisa Kidd.
–Julia for My Wonderful World

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