MISSION: Explore the Adventure in Your Community

When: Nov 02, 2011 07:00pm ET – Nov 02, 2011 08:00pm ET
Who: Daniel Raven-Ellison from The Geography Collective, London, UK
Where: Click this link to register!

What: This opportunity is in the form of a webinar (virtual classroom/discussion) in which Daniel Raven-Ellison, partner for National Geographic Education Mission:Explore project, will join us from London for a live presentation about this year’s Geography Awareness Week Theme: “The Adventure in Your Community”. During the webinar, Daniel will explain the Mission:Explore project and explain the theory behind mission-based learning and guerrilla geography. Register online and learn how to make the very most of the Geography Awareness Week resources to support geo-literacy and learning in any classroom.

mission2.JPGMore about Mission:Explore and the connection to Geography Awareness Week:

Your mission if you’re willing to accept it…

Participate in this year’s Geography Awareness Week (GA Week) by becoming involved with Mission:Explore, a project that will revolve around a series of “missions.” The missions can be completed by individuals or teams of students, families, or friends. Work to earn “badges” in the four sub-theme categories of  photography, storytelling, mapping, and taking action and compare your scores with others on the Mission: Explore website!

The imaginative missions with titles such as “become a remote sensor” “cross the border” and “alien invasion” encourage participants to explore their own communities through geographic eyes, and challenge them to look at things from a geographic perspective. The missions are aligned with U.S. geography standards to help educators best incorporate them into their teaching. You too can join us as we explore the theme for GA Week, “The Adventure in Your Community”  by completing these creative mini-adventures.

mission.JPG…Are you willing to accept the mission? Good luck explorers!
–Julia from My Wonderful World

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