Monday Funday Photo of the Week!

2011-09-11_1198764.JPGAs a fresh way to kick off the work week, My Wonderful World is now bringing its readers a Monday-Funday Photo of the Week.  Designed not only around aesthetics, this photo sharing start-of-the-week is also about facilitating geographic discussion on current events and relevant topics. Our first Photo of the Week comes from a recent environmental issue in Iceland where the hunting of endangered fin whales is causing quite a stir.  President Obama has taken this recent assault against the fin whale very seriously. He has initiated six contingent sanctions against Iceland that threaten to limit visits and cooperation with the country if strong measures to protect the species are not taken. Photo of the Week and National Geographic Education hope to shed light on an important issue and to ignite a conversation about protection and litigation as they apply to endangered species.

  • What is your initial reaction to this issue and the supporting photographs?
  • How do you feel about President Obama’s actions?
  • What can we all do, as fellow mammals, to help save the whales?
  • Are there any other ideas or discussion questions that should be addressed?

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–Julia from My Wonderful World

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