Intern Introduction – Alison Enzinna

Intern Photo-Alison 

Hello My Wonderful World blog! I’m Alison. I spell my name with one ‘l’ because spelling it with two sounds like my names is All-i-son. I am a rising junior at Susquehanna University where I am studying creative writing as well as editing and publishing. I write prose–nonfiction and fiction–and have become very passionate about writing in general. I work on a number of literary magazines produced by Susquehanna, including RiverCraft, The Susquehanna Review, Apprentice Writer, and Essay. I have a special interest in graphic design and layout, which I intend to apply toward the world of book or magazine publishing.

Some of the biggest influences on my writing have been the many amazing places I have traveled. For example, in December 2010 I went to South Africa to study travel writing and lived in T’shani Village for a week. The picture above is from the same trip.

It seems like I am always writing or drawing or creating something, but between projects I am an avid hockey fan–less so after the Capitals’ horrible playoff season–and would love to play if only I could pull off a hockey stop! I read as much as I write if not more, as long as my two Corgi-Dachshund-Chow puppies don’t eat my books. I have a great affinity for all animals, but I have to say that penguins are my favorite. Semicolons are my favorite punctuation mark and I really like to say the word “kerfuffle.”

I believe that the goals of the My Wonderful World blog and the Education group at National Geographic are important to the changing world we live in. When it comes to education there has been a focus on “screenagers” and how generations of kids are growing up online, plugged-in, however you want to call it. In this world, understanding where you come from and how you interact with the world, and how the world interacts with you, is critical.

I’m one of the two interns writing for the My Wonderful World blog this summer. Unlike
most of the other interns I share one big office with, I am not a
geography major, but I’m eager to learn from all of them and from all of
you. So your comments are greatly appreciated! 

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