The Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes

2009-07-28_0572315.JPGI remember reading a book about a young girl who wanted three things out of life: 1) to travel to faraway lands, 2) to live by the sea, and 3) to make the world a more beautiful place.  
She traveled the world and bought a house by the ocean, but she didn’t know how to make the world more beautiful. For a while she was unsure what to do to make the world more beautiful, and then she had an idea.  Her neighbors all thought she was crazy when they saw her scattering seeds, but then in the spring beautiful lupine flowers bloomed everywhere, bringing smiles and beauty to the neighborhood.

I think all of us at some point in our lives want to make the world “more beautiful.” There are ways of making the world a better place other than by enhancing its physical beauty, however. For example, the boy who organizes a bake sale for the local Red Cross…the high school volleyball team that volunteers to play bingo at a nursing home across town…  

…Can you think of someone you consider a hero?  Do you want to reward them for their kindness and courage and initiative?  Why not nominate them for The Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes?

Each year the Gloria Barron Prize honors twenty-five young people who
have made a positive impact on the world, either environmentally or
socially. There is information on the Barron website about the Prize and
how to nominate candidates, as well as testimonials from past winners.  

**Deadline for nominations is April 30th.

2011-01-22_0000175.JPGGeography is a subject all about relationships–how place plays a role in
people’s lives and vice versa–and a classroom is certainly not required
to learn about geography firsthand. Geography plays a role in
everything from how your house gets clean water to the number of
homeless people in your hometown.  Sometimes the best lessons are those
experienced outside the classroom while getting your hands dirty.  Maybe
you do not have any brilliant ideas right now about how to make the
world a more beautiful place, but I assure you that there are always
ways to improve the world we inhabit.  For all the young heroes and
heroines out there making a difference, I salute you!

Becky for My Wonderful World

Photos courtesy of My Shot Your Shot:
Lupine flowers in Maine–Cynthia Farr Weinfeld
Soldiers saluting–Bill Jonscher

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