PBS Teachers Innovation Awards

2011-03-21_1065840.JPGTeachers are highly adaptable creatures. For example: The vinegar required for the volcano demonstration in science class today spills–students have to watch the experiment online instead.  While discussing Uncle Tom’s Cabin in English class, a political debate ensues and there is nearly an all-out brawl that must be resolved.

While some might consider these extreme examples of situations requiring innovation, many teachers would tell you they are an everyday reality of life in the classroom. Since flexibility and creativity are constant requirements for survival as a teacher, why not be rewarded for your professional agility?

The 2011 PBS Teachers Innovation Awards reward educators who innovate
and create dynamic learning environments for their students.  To enter
the contest, one must demonstrate how they have been innovative and
which PBS educational resources they have used to support their

Prizes are awarded for the top fifty entries. Even if you are not
interested in participating in the contest, I recommend you take a peek
at the OnInnovation website.  It includes a video library detailing
innovators of the past, present, and future, plus a five-lesson
“Innovation 101” class for teachers.  Best of luck if you do choose to
enter the contest, and keep the creativity coming!

Becky for My Wonderful World

Photo courtesy of My Shot Your Shot: Alfonso Corpuz

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