Five reasons to visit our NEW beta Education website:

Cartoon_WhatisGeo.JPGMore teaching resources

When we asked educators to review our old education site, they asked for more diverse types of teaching resources.  Indeed, this website has numerous teaching resources ranging from classroom activities to multimedia to reference and news materials.  My personal favorite right now is the Current Event Connection that links to all sorts of information about the Japan earthquake.  There is never a better time to teach geography than when you can connect it with a current event that is happening in real time.


It’s okay. You can say it. Despite following this blog religiously, you don’t know exactly what geography is, at least not in a way that you can explain succinctly. What is geography? Why geography? Nat Geo Knows! At, you can get answers to these and many other questions on educational topics. Check out our fun “Nat Geo Knows” videos, which highlight some of the ways our new website can help you find the answers you seek.

Illustrative awesomeness

Not only are all sorts of educational activities available on the new
website, they are presented with pictures, videos, and graphics that
make them dynamic and relevant to a broad range of teachers and
learners. There is beautiful photography everywhere across the site–Did
you really expect anything less from National Geographic? The best
display of imagery, in my book, is the Volcanoes and Volcanic Features
Satellite Image Gallery
under the Multimedia tab.  Amazing!


The new National Geographic Education website is not your average
education website.  It pulls from different divisions within National
Geographic and our partners to create an interactive online sanctuary
especially for educators. Use our new search tool to quickly find
resources for specific grade levels, subjects, and more. Once you’ve
found what you’re looking for, it is simple to share the information
with colleagues or print the materials for personal use.
 If our new site does not have the resource you are searching for, tell us via our new, easy-to-use feedback tool.

Not a teacher, not a problem

The new National Geographic Education website gives users the option to
change the audience view from a teacher perspective to informal
educator, family, student, or kid focus to see materials developed just
for them. Pretty cool!

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