Feds Scout for Science Grads

2010-12-19_0987787.JPGHeads up college seniors!  The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Regulation and Enforcement, which oversees offshore oil drilling, is looking for students interested in working in the environmental science field to join the team. Starting April 4th and through the end of May, 2011, this government agency will be visiting colleges around the United States to recruit future employees it hopes can help increase scientific knowledge within the Bureau.

The idea is to hire more employees with environmental science backgrounds to help the Bureau make increasingly sound, scientific decisions.  Part of this initiative emanates from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster last year in the Gulf of Mexico.  New rules and regulations have since made the offshore oil drilling industry more secure, but the director of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Regulation and Enforcement, Michael Bromwich, wants this drive to continue through expansion of human capital.

As a recent college graduate with an environmental studies background
(geography is very closely related to environmental science), this news
makes me very happy. It’s good to know that there are jobs out there for
people with my interests and experience.  Plus, from a geographical
point of view, I appreciate that this agency is looking to invest in
human capital to protect people and wildlife living in coastal regions,
and to prevent another disaster such as the Gulf Oil Spill from
happening again. It shows a willingness to go beyond today and tomorrow
in our national decision-making outlook.  

The people living along the Gulf Coast and those who helped rescue and
rehabilitate coastal ecosystems are not likely to soon forget about the
trauma and hardships they had to endure.  So I tip my hat to you, Mr.
Bromwich, for taking a look through geographically-tinted lens and
making the connections between people and places and present, past, and
future decision-making.  If you are a student of the environment and in
need of a job, keep this opportunity in mind!

Becky for My Wonderful World

Photo courtesy of My Shot Your Shot:
Oil rig in the North Sea–Scott Aspland

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