It’s a water-filled world

2011-03-21_0000114.JPGWater covers more than two-thirds of the Earth’s surface area and is essential to our survival. Each year in March we celebrate World Water Day (WWD) to draw attention to this vital resource and, in particular, freshwater–as opposed to salt water. Sustainable management of freshwater resources is a key theme highlighted each year on World Water Day.

The idea of designating a day to celebrate freshwater was originally put forth in 1992 at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED).  The United Nations General Assembly declared March 22, 1993, as the first World Water Day and the tradition has continued since then.  Each year there is a different theme highlighting some aspect of freshwater.  Themes have ranged from water scarcity to sanitation to this year’s theme of “Water for cities: responding to the urban challenge.”

A message from the United Nations Secretary-General on the World Water
Day website states that in the last decade the population of urban
dwellers lacking access to tap water in their homes or immediate
vicinity has increased by approximately 114 million.  The number of
those without access to basic sanitation facilities has increased by 134
million; a 20 percent increase in the last decade. These two factors
combined have a negative impact on human health and economic

2011-03-21_0000130.JPGSo, what can you do about the global water crisis?  Participate in a
World Water Day event!  There is a comprehensive list of worldwide
on the WWD website that range from walks for water awareness to
the AGUA (A Global Unifying Aquatic) Dance in Chicago, Illinois to the
main event in Cape Town, South Africa.  Many of the events occur
throughout the year, so you shouldn’t feel like you have missed your
chance just because it’s not March 22.  Here’s another idea:  Organize
your own event to celebrate freshwater! Be sure to add it to the World
Water Day Events Map where you’ll find thousands of events that have
already been posted.

Even if you do not get a chance to participate in a WWD event, it is
important to recognize the significance of freshwater in your life. 
Where does the water from your tap come from?  How is it transported
from its source to your house?  Where does the dirty water go after it
goes down the drain?  What can you do to conserve water on a daily
basis?  You can find classroom activities, multimedia, quizzes and more
relating to freshwater on the Geography Awareness Week 2010 website
Here’s to you, H2O!

Becky for My Wonderful World

Photos Courtesy of My Shot Your Shot:

Water dripping from faucet, Shubham Paul
Seneca Canal in upstate New York, Howard Lainhart

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  1. Sarah Jane,,really a very well executed story ,very enjoyable,thanks for using my photo,keep up the good thoughts of keeping the people informed on one of our greatest resources for the future,, CLEAN WATER.

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