Top Geographic Events of 2010

Each year our friend Matt Rosenberg over at’s Geography hub compiles his list of the top geographic events.

Of course, we all love a good list, especially an annual retrospective–and really, what better way is there to make use of the downtime between Christmas and New Year’s (for those of us who celebrate those holidays) than to reflect on the previous 360 days of highs and lows?

Please read the list, and then tell us: What do you think? Are there other events you would have liked to see included?

[I’m a bit embarrassed to be posting this article so late–sorry Matt! I guess 2011 just got ahead of me. Anyway, here it is without further ado!]

CLICK HERE to see the list of the Top 5 Geographic Events of 2010

Here are some items I might add:

1) The 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the first World Cup held on the
continent and a major event for Africa and the international community.

The global debt crisis, particularly the fall-outs of the banking
systems in Ireland and Greece, further affirming one of the broadest
financial disasters since the Great Depression. 

3) The
draw-down of U.S. troops in Iraq marking the conclusion, or at least a
new chapter, in this major international military effort. 

Sarah Jane for My Wonderful World
Image from Top Five Geographic News Events of 2010, courtesy Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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