Five for Friday: Five Fun Educational Contests with Great Prizes!

Calling all teachers, educators, parents, and kids: Check out these contests and see if you’re eligible to participate. Unleash your creativity, win a range of prizes, get recognition for your work, and learn something along the way!

Thumbnail image for Video Camera.jpgSolve for Tomorrow
Who can enter? Grades 6-12
When are entries due? October 24, 2010
What is it? Samsung and its partners are asking teachers to participate in its contest which will address a key academic challenge in our country: to increase the pursuit of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education. By filling out the application, you will be entered for a chance to participate in Phase Two of the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Contest. Out of the applicants, 50 educators will be chosen to have their classes create videos addressing the question, “How can Science and Math help improve the environment in your community?” All 50 chosen teachers will be sent a video creation kit to help complete the task.
What do you win? A technology and software package and a chance to go to an awards ceremony in NYC!

Thumbnail image for My Place in Space.jpgMy Place in Space
Who can enter? Grades 2-4
When are entries due? November 1, 2010
What is it? This year’s contest invites young scientists and artists to explore our solar system and beyond. Read stories and books. Search websites. Watch movies. Then draw a picture showing what you learned. Enter your artwork in the 2010 IGES art contest!
What do you win? Artwork will be featured on IGES’s website. Other prizes include a framed color certificate and a Visa gift card.

Future Friendly Find Your Footprint
Who can enter? Teachers of grades K – 6
When are entries due? December 3, 2010
What is it?
Learn about your classroom’s footprint. Do some research, and come up
with a proposal of how to reduce your impact on the environment.
What do you win?
An ActivBoard (an interactive white board), ActivExpressions (a learner
response system), $1000 worth of National Geographic books, and a one
year subscription to National Geographic Kids Magazine!

Thumbnail image for Mapping Marines.jpgMapping Marines
Who can enter? Grades 3-12
When are entries due? November 1, 2010
What is it? Students in grades 3-12 are encouraged to celebrate National Geography Week by competing in a poster contest sponsored by the National Museum of the Marine Corps. Marines and their families are transferred to serve all over the world. Before they go to a new post, it is helpful for them to know a bit about where they will be living. For this contest, create a poster with information about the location where a Marine might serve. There are many that you might choose and you only need to represent one. The posters should be constructed so that they might provide information for Marines and their families who will travel to and live in the region.
What do you win? Posters will be displayed in the National Museum of the Marine Corps. Prizes include an iPad notebook, a $200 gift certificate for classroom supplies, a Flip Video Camera, and an iPad shuffle!

Thumbnail image for Wildest Weather Space Probe.pngWildest Weather in the Solar System Space Probe Challenge
Who can enter? Teachers of grades K – 8
When are entries due? January 14, 2011
What is it? Design a space probe to study the weather on one of the planets in our solar system. Sketch or build a model of your space probe, write a short description of how your probe works, and submit it!
What do you win? A visit from a NASA astronaut or a National Geographic space film expert, an ActivBoard, $500 worth of National Geographic books, and more!

Countdown to Geography Awareness Week: 23 days! As promised, here is another one of our many favorite resources from the Geography Awareness Week website:
    ∙ Freshwater Educational Materials: Teachers – try these freshwater activities using your own maps and atlases, or with our Nat Geo MapMaker Kits. Examine freshwater at different scales. One page, tabletop or mega – you decide!

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