Five for Friday: Top Five Ways to Welcome the Coming of Fall

Happy autumn My Wonderful World readers! How are you planning on kicking off the fall season? Here are 5 fun activities you can do to celebrate and enjoy the colorful, chilly, and tasty season!

Foliage.jpg1.    Forage for Foliage
One of the best – and most beautiful – parts of the fall is the foliage. Although New England is famous for having some of the best foliage in the world, you can appreciate the vibrant orange, red, yellow, and brown hues all over the country. Check out this map at that shows you the stage of the foliage in different regions of the country. Plan a hike during peak foliage time that will allow you to experience some of the best scenery nature has to offer. offers a simple guide of how to view fall foliage.

Ever wonder why the leaves turn different colors in the fall? The US National Arboretum explains the science of color in autumn leaves.

2.    Let the Fall Bring Out Your Inner Artist
Use the beauty of the season to inspire your creativity! Here are 24 simple fall arts and craft projects that you can do with a friend, a family member, or your class!

Thumbnail image for Pumpkin Patch.jpg
3.    Apple and Pumpkin Picking
Celebrate the bountiful harvest of the fall season by picking your own
apples and pumpkins! Find a local pick-your-own apple orchard, or a
pumpkin festival that’s happening near you!

4.    Cook a Seasonal Dish
Put all those apples and pumpkins to use! From apple pie to pumpkin soup to cranberry sauce, there are endless possibilities for scrumptious fall treats. Use seasonal ingredients that you picked, grew in your own backyard, or that are being sold at your local farmers market. Here are a few websites with some delicious autumn recipes (I’ve picked out a couple of the more tastier-sounding recipes from each site!):
   ∙ Sustainable Table
    –    Destin’s Pumpkin Soup
    –    Butternut Squash Risotto with Rosemary and Lemon Zest
   ∙ Seasonable Recipes
    –    Maple Glazed Pumpkin Coffee Cake
    –    Moist Apple Cake with Butterscotch Sauce
   ∙ Epicurious
    –    Kale and smoked bacon salad with zinfandel vinaigrette
    –    Brown Sugar Baked Sweet Potatoes and Acorn Squash
Thumbnail image for Cornucopia.jpg

5.    Play a Fall Sport    
Along with the cooler weather, apples, pumpkins, and colorful leaves,
the fall is also known for a few different sports – most notably
football, soccer, and field hockey! Look at this map of the professional sports teams across the country, and pick one to watch and route for! Or, one of these fall weekends, I
encourage you to organize a game, get outside, and play it yourself!

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