Welcome Fall 2010 Intern Jane Mulcahy!

Hello My Wonderful World readers! My name is Jane, and I am a geography intern with National Geographic Education this fall. I recently graduated from Syracuse University, where I majored in geography. I have participated in many geographical-endeavors, of which my favorites include studying Hawaiian culture at the University of Hawaii, doing conservation work in Sydney, Australia, repairing school buildings in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and doing geography research at Syracuse University. My academic interests include but are not limited to cultural and urban studies, race and race relations, and sustainable agriculture.

I am very excited to be working at National Geographic for the next few
months. I think the missions of the Society and the Education
Department are noble – and crucial – in today’s world. The geographic
perspective I have gained from studying geography in school has given
me a huge advantage, and I believe that everyone should have the
opportunity to be exposed to geography. During my internship, I hope to
learn about how an organization goes about promoting geography
education, what I can do as an individual to promote geography
education, and even more about the multitude of opportunities that
exist for young geographers. 

When I am not traveling, studying, or interning, I enjoy playing
sports, exercising, bike riding, watching and quoting funny movies,
taking walks, spending time with my family and friends, and – building
with legos!

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