Mapping your State and Community


Ok, so you’ve heard us talk about GIS (Geographic Information Systems) before on this blog. A LOT.

But let’s be honest: Chances are you’ve probably never actually used a GIS to analyze geographic data and make maps. Most casual geography buffs don’t have their own license for a GIS software package such as ArcGIS, which is usually purchased by businesses or universities. And if you’re not a classroom teacher, then you’ve probably never used AEJEE, either, a free GIS “lite” program for educators and students.

Well, now’s your chance to give GIS a shot!

Joseph Kerski,
Education Manager at ESRI, the GIS industry leader, has just developed
some simple activities using ESRI’s “Mapping for Everyone” portal. Mapping for Everyone
is a web-based GIS tool that allows users to quickly make maps, share
them, download them, and even embed maps on their own websites.

The activities, which are available exclusively on NASA’s Practical Uses of Math And Science website (or “PUMAS“–leave
it to NASA to make math & science cool with a sports analogy!),
explore demographic data (information about human populations). They’re
geared toward middle schoolers, but are interesting and accessible for
anyone looking to give GIS a first try. So…head on over to PUMAS and
start mapping your state and community today.

Thanks, Joseph,
for calling out Geography Awareness Week in your list of recommended
resources. We appreciate the plug! (But I promise that’s not why I’m
promoting the activities 😉 

 Sarah Jane for My Wonderful World

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