Top 5 Ways to Celebrate World Water Day

News_WWD_V2.jpgIt’s World Water Day, an occasion to celebrate the miraculous liquid that bathes more than 2/3 of our planet and sustains all life.

We’re continuing the fiesta de agua all year long as we look toward
Geography Awareness Week 2010: “Freshwater.” Check out the March
edition of the newsletter
for more information on what’s in store for November 14-20.

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, here are our picks for the top 5 ways to celebrate liquid life today, World Water Day.

1. Check out National Geographic magazine in all its watery blue glory.
In recognition of World Water Day, National Geographic magazine will offer a free interactive version of its April single-topic issue, Water: Our Thirsty World. Between March 22 and April 2, anyone can visit to download the April issue for free. In addition to all the material in the print issue, readers of the digital issue will get animated images, photo slide shows, and more.

We encourage you to take advantage of the special, limited-time offer; after April 2 access to the new e-zine will cost you $5.95 an issue. Be one of the first to experience this innovative technology and tell us here on the blog what you think!

2. Join the World’s Longest Toilet Queue.
This is a Guinness World Records attempt that might just be quirky enough to create real change. Join the queue
(waiting line) online to take a stand for water sanitation. Simply
choose a colorful icon to represent yourself and a message–mine says,
“Everyone has the right to taps and toilets.” You will be added to a
virtual global queue of water rights advocates.

3. Find 5 ways to reduce your water use.

Use this list of more than 100 suggestions as a guide and tell us which 5 you chose.

4. Tell us which freshwater topics to cover during Geography Awareness Week.
Ok, we know this one is a little self-serving, but your input will help us provide you with the best water activities, games, challenges, and other resources come November. Thank you!

5. Teachers: Help your students make the water-energy connection.
Register now to participate in April’s National Environmental Education Week, Be Water and Energy Wise, and learn more about this opportunity to deepen your students’ understanding of water-energy issues here on the blog.

6. Do NOT watch “Waterworld.”

don’t recommend watching this 90s-era, D-list action flick–unless the
rain is keeping you holed up inside with nothing else to do!

Sarah Jane for My Wonderful World

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Ways to Celebrate World Water Day

  1. Ballast water is an important issue, for more information check out,

  2. March 22nd, 2010
    3:43 pm GMT It is to bad that this administration really dose not care about the human virus and pathogens in ballast water. Saddly the commander and chief, has only shown a interest in a twenty, plus year plan by the military. A report was just created for the 111th congress suggesting they may again address ballast water with a national policy. The report suggest that the cost of foreign made goods would increase as a results of the need to retrofit ships. This would help create jobs, if a quick time line to provide the protection needed for our waters was created. Inspection and study of these new foriegn technologies must be done to determine saftey, both from short term use and long term use. Saddly the deliberate procrastination by this administration to go green on this issue is allowing the oppertunity for foriegn shipping to gain the edge. This Administration has only shown an interest in a plan that mirrors the International Maritime Organization for ten years, so China a large influential member of the IMO has major influence determining our environmental policy. This is being allowed because of the scheme set up by previous administrations allowing China to peg their currency value to ours, so at alleged international auctions of treasury notes we keep creating, for sale, China can then buy them at attractive prices regardless of the low interest rates, allowing our politicians to keep offering entitlements and cheap goods in the big box outlet stores of imported goods, that are now our largest employers. This is being done while, continually increaseing our national debt allowing for more economic domination by China. HAPPY WATER DAY!!!

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