March 2010 Challenge: Take 5 Actions to Reduce Your Water Usage

flo-second-level.jpgEach month we offer a challenge to MWW members to get involved doing geography; that is, taking an action that requires a geographic perspective or advocating on behalf of geographic education.

Our March Challenge: Choose 5 of 100 ways to conserve water and tell us how it goes!

Here’s your chance: Please comment on this post with your water-saving stories.

The March Challenge follows our announcement of the 2010 Geography
Awareness Week theme: Freshwater. The rest of the March newsletter is filled with
tons of freshwater facts, news, games, and tips to get you started
preparing for the third week of November.

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Past examples of monthly challenges include:
Tell Congress to make geography education a priority (February 2009); Identify your community’s emergency preparedness resources and develop a plan for your family (August 2009); Organize a meeting of your local parent-teacher association to review
how well your community’s schools are teaching geography and related
subjects (September 2009).

Sarah Jane for My Wonderful World

2 thoughts on “March 2010 Challenge: Take 5 Actions to Reduce Your Water Usage

  1. Whenever I hear of geography being taught in the classroom, I’ve always assumed that it meant having students locate and learn about different cultures around the world. Thanks to MWW, I now know that geography also means to teach about being good stewards to the planet.
    I teach at a middle school in Maryland and we are at the final stages of planning our “Green Day”, which is scheduled to be on April 22, 2010 (Earth Day). I am so glad to see that MWW is having the Geography Awareness week. I appreciate you posting information about water conservation as it is one of the topics in our Green Day lesson for our 6th graders. After reading a few from your link, I am eager to apply some of the ideas myself!
    We have invited different members of the community to join us in our school to participate in Green Day. Speakers/representatives of “green” companies and organizations have offered to come in and speak to our students about their group and how they are contributing to the health of our planet.
    Keep the green info. comin’!

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