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Salutations to all!

My name is Sarah Evans and I am the new intern for My Wonderful World. I am very excited to be working here for the next few months and exploring more about what National Geographic is all about.

colorado.jpg I am sure that some of you had the chance to experience or read about the snow storm that stopped the great city of D.C. for a whole week. I arrived on the heels of the first storm, and just in time to cozy up inside for the second one a few days later. However, I have experienced plenty of snow storms before, being that I am from Colorado.

Colorado is a great state for one of my favorite hobbies: hiking. The many available trails have led me on countless adventures, and I recommend them to people of all levels of fitness.  Other than hiking, I love to travel. The chance to experience a whole new place, or even one that is just down the road, is to have your life shaped and your mind opened.
I have had the opportunity to see a few places so far, but the one that stands out in my mind is Rome, Italy. This ancient city seems to have a new story around every corner. The Colosseum, the Bocca della Verità or “Mouth of Truth,” and the Trevi Fountain are some of my favorite places to see and experience in Rome–because of the story behind each one.

2115708884_d8c37ee79f.jpgThe Colosseum has many stories, gladiatorial fighting, medieval plays, a Christian worship center and now, it serves as a familiar place for tourists to reminisce about its past. I watched “Gladiator” the movie, in Italian, right before seeing it and all I could picture was Russell Crowe battling for a “dream.”

mouth of truth2.jpgThe Bocca della Verita, is in a dark, chilling corridor next to an ancient church. It became famous in movies like “Roman Holiday” and “Only You.” The Romans believed that a God inhabited the mouth and if you told a lie and placed your hand in the mouth it would bite it off…not a bad lie detector if you believe in the legend. Even without confessing to anything I was cautious with putting my hand inside.

The Trevi Fountain is the place to go if you intend to return to Rome. It is believed that if you thrown a coin in the fountain over your left shoulder then you will return to Rome. Some people believe that when three coins are thrown in, that two people will find a new romance and the third will get married or divorced. Whether the fountain is a place of superstition or magic, it is always fun to believe in the enchantment of a coin. I hope that my coin leads me back to Rome someday.

trevi fountain2.jpgRome is my favorite city so far but I have also seen other countries in Europe that I love for their own reasons. Other Countries that I have seen so far are Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, and England. Outside of Europe I have been to Mexico, and lived abroad in Ethiopia for a few months. These travels have become a part of me, not only memories but how I interact in this world.
These are just a few things about me for now, but I look forward to sharing more in the future. I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Anne Frank who inspires all of us that anyone can make a difference and not only in the big things but also in the small.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

2 thoughts on “A Simple Intern-duction

  1. Rebecca,
    I am glad that you found your way to My Wonderful World. Thank-you for sharing! This is my first blog and I look forward to meeting and connecting with people from all over. I am glad that you allow for places to shape who you are as well. It seems that there is always so much to learn and grow from. I look forward to learning more about you in future. Take care.
    -Sarah Evans

  2. Sarah! I am a new subscriber to My Wonderful World blog and your entry was the first one I’ve read completely. I never had the chance of visiting Rome, but did recognize some of the landmarks of the city. I think it’s awesome that you travel the world and I can relate to your statement when you said, “These travels have become a part of me, not only memories but how I interact in this world.” Though I’ve only traveled to a few places, I feel that every time I do, I experience more than a culture of a certain country, but a connection to a bigger place.

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