Make a Gingerbread Global Village: Addendum

Since posting last week’s entry, “Make a gingerbread global village,” I’ve taken some better photos of my own attempts. Here they are, so that you might better study our engineering calculations and geographic detailings:


Sarah Jane’s adobe hut, with igloo peeking out from behind


Mary and Shalini’s Victorian estate; note the stained-glass windows and tree house

I also came a across a series of articles
from about eco-new-age gingerbread designs, which
includes great photos, templates, and step-by-step instructions for
constructing the innovative works featured. Apparently, there’s even a
Toronto-based competition of “Modern Prefab[ricated] Gingerbread

My favorite is architect Michelle Kaufmann’s  Ginger Lotus.
Download her beautifully designed PDF with recipes for the gingerbread
and icing, tips, and commentary on the “green” elements of her design.


Finally, just wanted to note that I took Kim Hulse’s advice and read  Cajun Night Before Christmas.
What a trip! I love the French/Cajun words, names and phrases, such as
the gumbo in the chimney and St. Nick’s “alligators” Gaston, Tiboy,
Pierre, Suzette, etc. There were several phrases I had to read a couple
times to translate–“A sack full o’ playt’ing he t’row on his back, he
look like a burglar an’ dass fo’ a fack! [and that’s a fact!]”


break out your best Cajun accent (don’t look at me) and give this fun
story a read. Merry Christmas to all, “’til I saw you some mo’!” [until
I see you next time!]

Images courtesy Jessica Marcy, Michelle Kauffmann, and James Rice.

Sarah Jane for My Wonderful World

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