Barbaree Duke- Geography: Where Dead Authors and Dusty Books Come to Life

Barbaree, a 20 year veteran K-20 educator in English and technology,
currently writes curriculum, teaches professional development in
Curriculum Integration and GIS in Education and tutors students at her
home base, Covington, LA.

“Why do I need to know this?”  How
often have you heard that question?  Geography is not the first-reach
resource for most English Language Arts(ELA) teachers, but I’ve found
the use of geospatial technology quite powerful with my students.  As
one of my 7th graders said, “Everything’s mappable, Mrs. Duke!”   How
do you teach your students to think?  I used geospatial technology
cleverly laced among the traditional and required content to bring my
ELA class into the 21st Century and get my students thinking!

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