Greg Watts- 10 Things Americans should know about the World

Greg Watts writes for EF Tours‘ blog, Following the Equator, which is a forum for teachers and students who travel–and for anyone interested in educational travel. The blog follows the latest news and discussions about travel and education.

We Americans come from a big, powerful and influential country, to say the least. As if being a big (No. 3 in population) and wealthy (No. 1 economy) weren’t enough, we’ve also managed to have a disproportionately large world influence culturally. It’s like Goliath becoming the planet’s most popular TV-show host.

It’s long been too easy for us Americans to be content to gaze a bit too admiringly at our own navels when it comes to our world view; this dulls our appreciation of how much of our everyday lives is provided to us by other countries that are often half a world away.

As part of the 2009 Geography Awareness Week Blog-a-thon, this blog post required us to boil down, to a list of just 10, the things that Americans should know about their world. It seems to us that the best use of these 10 is to help close the gaps we may have in fully appreciating our daily interdependence with the wider world.

Check out the full list on Following the Equator’s blog!

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