Maria Victoria Rodriquez- Earth is our Travel Destination

Victoria is a professional blogger; Argentinian living in Spain, former travel agent and tour conductor. She likes to write/blog and spends much time reading about environmental matters and tourism trends. Positive; loves the beach, the sun and sound of the sea. Always looking for something new to learn. Curious, active, connected. Concerned about the future. Mother of two incredible daughters.

We throw ourselves to the road in order to travel, to know, to learn.  This experience is basically based on Geography and Culture. We travel to know other cities, traditions or people, to get in touch with other points of view, different religions or philosophy.  To marvel at human work shown at a museum or offered in a typical meal. Everything is culture.

And it is placed on our planet, a real, tangible background providing the scenery where we can get in touch with it.

Geographic conditions may determine our travel experience.

Hurricane or typhoon season will condition the moment of the year when we will travel to the Caribbean or Southeast Asia. Temperatures will clearly limit our plans to wander around North Canada, to cross the heart of Australia or to sail to the Antarctica.

Talking about practical issues, we should consider to better know the geography of our destination. If so, we will know, for example, if it’s a rainy area (so we will put a raincoat in the backpack) or if a merciless sun shines almost all year (in that case we will add more suntan lotion and a cap).

It is important to know some topographic conditions and infrastructure such as observatories and panoramic points or natural ways like close rivers or lakes where practicing some activities or enjoying a tour.

Boundaries and country frontiers will require passports, visas, travel permits, etc, etc. You may need vaccination or special attention when talking about health conditions abroad.
More than one travel was frustrated by not being the most suitable for a certain traveler. Steep slopes or the cities located on them, may be a too difficult goal for an elder traveler. Long distance walks under the sun may spoil the mood of any tourist group. These are only a few examples of traveler’s daily life.

However, when organizing a trip, we should think Geography as a great ally.

image_rodriguez.jpgWhere should I travel to? What is your advice? When being a travel agent, you face this kind of question many times. The travelers seek your advice, and the task of organizing a trip may seem very easy with the availability of many tools that the internet provides for you today. 
When advising travelers, we should anticipate their needs and show them all the possibilities the chosen destinations offer. Therefore it is necessary to have an accurate knowledge of geographical settings. Geographical conditions may largely determine the travel experience.
From the independent traveler’s point of view, the task of organizing our own trip should include a previous and very accurate investigation. When defining the date and kind of travel, we should take in consideration the real possibilities that the land and environment offer.
Geography is a source of inspiration.

Many times, tourists travel hundreds or thousands of miles just to visit magnificent landscapes or great human works that challenge local geography. For example, think about the Great Wall of China, located in a very steep area with difficult access that makes it unique. Or the Aswan dam, on the Nile River in southern Egypt, a mixture of history and engineering. Or even the Golden Gate Bridge, on the mouth of San Francisco Bay.
The nature of our planet is so diverse thanks of its own geographic diversity. Some of the most attractive tourist points for travelers nowadays are geography-linked destinations.
Amazonas, Himalaya, Patagonia, Sahara, Coral Great Barrier, Norwegian fiords, Pacific islands, Gobi desert, Great Canyon, Black Forest, Uyuni salt flat … Geographic spaces which may be consider travel destinations themselves.

On the other hand, culture and people we find all around the world, are as diverse as the multiple conditions of the place where they have developed. In many ways, Geography has marked the route they have followed through the centuries up to the present.

Isolation or proximity, high mountains or endless seas, huge plains of fertile land or barren rocky soil, water availability, etc. Some features that had conditioned life since the beginning.

If you are thinking about carrying your backpack and walking the road, be sure of also studying geographic issues. This information will much more enrich your travel experience.

Earth, this little blue sphere we live in, should be considered as a travel destination by itself.
Diverse, varied, threatened and changing. Furthermore, remember our commitment: to preserve it in the best conditions in order that future generations may enjoy it as we do today.

To take care for the future: this is our challenge and it will be easier to achieve it, if we know this little blue sphere we live in.

To read this blog in Spanish, or to see Victoria’s other blogs, check out her site!

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  5. Thank you for your words. Yes, Spain is definitely a great place to visit.. and to live 🙂 The geography is diverse, the culture is very rich, history and heritage are powerful. Friendly people, exquisite cuisine and a relaxed sense of time… Perfect !

  6. Wonderful reflections about traveling.
    My favorite place to travel is definitely Spain. Exotic, adventurous, fun and full of flavor!
    Thanks for the nice writeup!

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