Prasanna Sriya- An Appeal to All

Dr. Prasanna Sriya is a dentist from Chennai, India. She writes on Wildlife and related issues, as well as short and simple poems for children.

Greetings to one and all,
I am sure you would know us by our call.
We came to planet Earth much before modern man,
His arrival at various parts of the Earth,
Triggered our problem sooner than it can.
One might ask what have we lost,
To list a few, this is what we have got:
Our Brothers and Sisters were aimlessly shot as a sport,
Because he failed to apply his thought.

His next target was our habitat,
What we have is “Our Paradise Lost.”
As we started loosing our only homes,
Man started to build his palatial homes
We have wide and varied lands, like:    
The African Savannas Grassland
The North American Prairie
The Durian Steppe
The Brazilan Cerrado
The South American Pampas
The European Steppes
The Asian & Russian Steppes
The Australian Temperate Grassland
Extensive habitat destruction has not just left us homeless,
But soon we would be extinct.
Can’t mankind be wise and put a full stop?


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