Catherine Powell- Tuscania: A Town, not a Region

Cathy graduated from Macquarie University in Sydney with a Bachelor of Arts in Geography and History.  She has been living in Italy since July 2006 with her husband and two children.

Has anyone heard of a place called Tuscania?  “Tuscany,” I hear some people reply.  No, I am talking about a town called Tuscania, not a region, which is what Tuscany is.  Perhaps it will assist some of you to think of the film Under the Tuscan Sun with Diane Lane, which is set in Cortona.  Italy has twenty regions in total, each of which has its own capital; for example Lazio’s capital is Rome.  Each region is then divided into provinces.  Lazio has five of these which are Frosinone, Latina, Rieti, Rome and Viterbo.  The purpose of my post during Geography Awareness Week is to put Tuscania on the map in its correct place.  I have heard people in the past call refer to Tuscania, as Tuscany or place it in Tuscany rather than in Lazio.

As an Australian, I knew that I wanted to travel and see some of the
world but in my wildest dreams I wouldn’t have imagined that I would
end up living in a small town on the other side of the world.  There
are some things, like Italian bureaucracy that require lots of patience
and understanding.  But if I hadn’t embarked on this adventure, I
wouldn’t have bilingual children and that is a real plus for them.  For
the past three years they have grown up in a close knit community. 
Fortunately the town is not a tourist trap. However, it does seem to be
attracting more interest from nationalities other than Italians…

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