Tuesday Blog-a-thon Wrap Up

Alright, two days down, three to go! Thanks again to everyone who has made this GAWeek great! Special shout-out to all of you who updated your Facebook and Twitter accounts with your lat/long!

Here’s a wrap-up of the blogs we featured today:
Anne-Marie Gordon: http://otteroffate.wordpress.com
Ellen Thompson: http://bluewillowjournal.typepad.com
Gregg Verutes
Marilyn Weiser
Jessica Brehmer

Tune in tomorrow for an account of life as a Peace Corps volunteer in Mali, a lesson in Italian geography, a brand new Mystery Quiz, and much more!

Geography Awareness Week Blog-a-Thon submissions represent the views of
the individual contributors, and not necessarily those of National
Geographic Education. While all posts have been reviewed for
appropriateness, they have not been fact-checked or extensively edited.

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