Help GAW Go Viral!

Thumbnail image for GAW_Logo-A_Color.jpgHappy Tuesday of Geography Awareness Week, everyone! Last week we told y’all to update your Twitter and Facebook accounts today with your latitude and longitude… so help GAW go viral and hop to it! Here’s how:

Thumbnail image for twitter.jpegOn Twitter, copy and paste the following message (make sure to insert your own lat/long!) to your status:

My lat/long is 38.9, -77.0…what’s urs? RT w/ your
lat/long, and celebrate Geography Week with @lovegeography!

On Facebook, first become a fan of MWW here.

Thumbnail image for facebook.jpeg

Then set your status to:

My lat/long is 38.9, -77.0… What’s yours? Re-paste this
status with your lat/long and celebrate Geography Awareness Week with
@mywonderfulworld! Calculate your lat/long at

Tell your friends, family, and colleagues to do the same! Help spread the word!

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