Monday Blog-a-thon Wrap Up

Phew, one day gone! Thanks to those of you who have responded to the Mystery Quiz, promoted GAWeek on their social networking site of choice, or simply just read through all the posts!

Here’s a wrap-up of the blogs we featured today:
Adella Edwards:
Sheila Keller-Powell:
Silvia Tolisano:
Dee Porter:
Andrew Turgeon
Joseph Kerski

Tune in tomorrow to read about Grand Manan Island, a “juicy” account of San Diego’s oranges,  what Cinderella really sees out her window, a new Mystery Quiz, and much more!

Disclaimer: Geography Awareness Week Blog-a-Thon submissions represent the views of the individual contributors, and not necessarily those of National Geographic Education. While all posts have been reviewed for appropriateness, they have not been fact-checked or extensively edited.

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