How to Update your Twitter and Facebook Accounts


GAW_Logo-A_Color.jpgIn our “Top 10 Ways to Celebrate Geography Awareness Week” post, we asked you to update your Facebook and Twitter accounts on Tuesday November 17th. Here’s how:

twitter.jpegOn Twitter, copy and paste the following message (make sure to insert your own lat/long!) to your status:

My lat/long is 38.9, -77.0…what’s urs? RT w/ your lat/long, and celebrate Geography Week with @lovegeography!


On Facebook, first become a fan of MWW here.

facebook.jpegThen set your status to:

My lat/long is 38.9, -77.0… What’s yours? Re-paste this status with your lat/long and celebrate Geography Awareness Week with @mywonderfulworld! Calculate your lat/long at


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