Five Reasons to Join in the Geography Awareness Week Blog-a-Thon

Today is the LAST OPPORTUNITY to register for the Geography Awareness Week Blog-a-Thon. Still on the fence about whether or not to participate? Here are some final words of encouragement.

Top 5 Reasons to Join in the GAWeek Blog-a-Thon

1. It’s easy.
You don’t have to be a professional geographer or an exceptionally skilled writer to participate. In fact, you don’t even have to write anything if you don’t want to! Send in a photo or a video of a geographic phenomenon or class project. If you DO choose to write, it doesn’t have to be long or academic. Jot down a haiku or pen a 200-word reaction to an event in the news. Get creative! Our goal is feature the broadest range of perspectives possible, in various mediums of multimedia.

2. It’s important.
As National Geographic and partner organizations work to advance geography education and global knowledge, we rely on grassroots activism from people like YOU. To date, over 90,000 people worldwide have signed on the My Wonderful World campaign, and our public officials tell us that this support is critical to move the dial on crucial legislation. The Blog-a-Thon serves as one more opportunity to create “noise” in the public sphere–lend YOUR VOICE to the movement!

3. It’s classy.
Not to get on a soapbox, but there is a lot of JUNK out there on the internet and in other media channels. I join those who lament the loss of objective, in-depth reporting and the influx of sensationalist sound bites. This trend applies far beyond the journalism industry. Be a part of the solution, instead of the problem, by contributing thoughtful, positive messages and conversations to the world wide web during Geography Awareness Week.

4. It’s cool.
Blogging is so hot right now. If you don’t believe me, just watch CNN or read the Washington Post Express for five minutes (and delight in the irony). But with the pace of change in the media landscape these days, who knows who long it will be “in?” So try a hand at blogging now before it becomes SO last decade.

One more thing that’s cool: Nat Geo. Whenever I tell people I work here, their eyes light up with fascination. So join in the Blog-a-Thon and tell all your friends you’re writing for National Geographic (and it will sort of be true 🙂

5. Everyone is doing it.
To date, over 30 blogs and bloggers, groups and individuals have registered for the Blog-a-Thon. Don’t be left out! Join in the gang of voices on geography online.

Email by October 23 to participate in the 2009 Blog-a-Thon.

Sarah Jane for My Wonderful World

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