Join in the Geography Awareness Week 2009 Blog-a-thon!


Geography Awareness Week 2009 is fast approaching [Nov.15 –
21]! This year’s theme is “Get Lost in Mapping: Find Your Place in the
World,” and My Wonderful World is celebrating by hosting our first annual

Those of you who have been following along the last couple of years will know that we’ve been steadily amping up our Geography Awareness Week blogging efforts. In 2008, we featured 15 guest bloggers and 22 blog posts, and we’re looking to increase those numbers this year.

So, if you’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to join the conversation on all things geographic, now’s your chance!

This is our official call for submissions.

If you are a geographer, cartographer, techie, teacher, mom, student,
geo-enthusiast or anyone who’s ever had an interesting thought about
geography…we want to hear from you!

While this year’s theme
focuses on mapping, we’ll let you decide what geographic topic to write
about: Offer an opinion on a current event or policy issue. Share a
lesson plan or field activity. Get creative and write a poem or design
a work of art. Show how geography connects to popular culture or
everyday life. Whatever!

Here’s how to participate:
1. Notify Sarah Jane of your interest ( by Friday, October 23, 2009.

2. Sarah Jane will work with individuals to schedule dates and topics.

During Geography Awareness Week, write one or more blog entries related
to geography. Post them on your own blog with the GAWeek logo and
tagline (we’ll give them to you, of course), or, if you don’t have your
own blog, send assets to us for posting on the My Wonderful World blog.
Each day, we’ll include a digest of short excerpts from all the
Geography Awareness Week blog posts across the web, along with links to
the full entries.

So email Sarah Jane today and start brainstorming for Geography Awareness Week 2009!
Get lost in bogging: Find your voice on the web

Sarah Jane for My Wonderful World

29 thoughts on “Join in the Geography Awareness Week 2009 Blog-a-thon!

  1. We are in the beginning stages of planning for Geography Awareness Week 2011. Our working tagline is “Discovering Geography Through Community Exploration” at this time. It will take place November 13-19, 2011 in any community that chooses to participate. We will share more information as it becomes available.

  2. The Department of Prevention and Control at King Abdulaziz Medical City in Riyadh is hosting an awareness week for TB under the title “I am Stopping TB”. The event will be on Tuesday the 24th of March until Monday the 30th.

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  4. hi sarah !
    i wanted to join the geography awareness week blog-a-thon but the last day for joining was october 23rd.i realize its quite late now but is there something that can be done regarding this.i am a geography student with much interest in my subject.
    please let me know if there is still some chance.

  5. Thanks, Penny, us too! This is going to be a fun prep week reading through the submissions. Can’t wait to share them with you all next week!
    Sarah Jane

  6. Countdown to Geography Awareness Week! Looking forward to reading about all the cool goings on!

  7. Countdown to Geography Awareness Week! Looking forward to rading about all the cool goings on!

  8. Hi Leslie Ann,
    Thanks so much for sharing your inspiring products. The peace pots are beautiful–perhaps I’ll order one for a holiday gift!
    If you’d like to share more of the stories behind the Twister-style maps or pots, there is still a small window of opportunity to participate in the Geography Awareness Week blog-a-thon; let me know if you’re interested!
    Sarah Jane

  9. I believe Turkmenistan is a country in Central Asia , I think it borders Iran on one side I am not sure it might be Afghanistan on the other..correct me if I am wrong.I love the idea of map week, geography is my favorite subject ever since I was young, I Love to travel and spent many years in Africa.

  10. Greetings Sarah:
    I have always tried to make learning fun for kids, and knowledge of our world neighbors and their cultures has been my passion. I have run summer camps where we pretended to travel each continent, playing games, making crafts and eating native foods. As a result of these activities, I have developed what I call “interactive maps” where students use their hands and feet, eyes, ears, and mouth to learn the geography of each continent while having fun (they don’t even know they are learning). I have two websites, one for my geography interactive maps, and the other is for what I call “Peace Pots” http://www.peacepotsbyleslie. “Peace Pots” are candle pots with the symbols of various religions cut out so the candle light can shine through. Each comes with a card that briefly explains that particular religious tradition. They are about peace through opennes and understanding our world neighbors. I make very little money at each of these endeavors because learning is my main goal, but I must earn a living as well. I don’t know if this can be posted, but I would at least like for you to know that I exist and that I am trying to do my small part.
    Leslie Ann Curry

  11. A girlfriend of mine did not know where Conneticut was, not to mention we live in Boston. Besides the books what’s an easy way to get familiar with geography?

  12. One-third of students in America couldnt find Louisiana on a U.S. map after the natural disaster Hurricane Katrina. Surveys show that 48 percent of students couldnt locate the state of Mississippi. Much of this can be viewed by visiting the Web at

  13. “Geographic illiteracy impacts our economic well-being, our relationships with other nations and the environment, and isolates us from our world,” said John Fahey, president and CEO, National Geographic Society. “Geography is what helps us make sense of our world by showing the connections between people and places. Without geography, our young people are not ready to face the challenges of the increasingly interconnected and competitive world of the 21st century.”

  14. Hi Mr. Guzman,
    If you’d like to participate in the Blog-a-Thon, please email me ASAP at and let me know what you’d like to write about.
    Sarah Jane

  15. Greetings everyone. I am a student and find this topic very interesting. I do not know “a lot” when it comes to geography, but would enjoy participating in the Geography Awareness Week!

  16. I have a personal blog, but because I am a Cartographer I have been known to slip a bit of mapping in there. Cartography has never been more important, as we all strive to deliver meaning from the data explosion. I could blog about that all week if you want me too!
    Consider this an expression of interest.

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  18. Hi sarah
    I must appriciat natgeo for giving this wonderful opportunity.
    I also want to participate but I don,t know how. And what to do. I can do this if some body help me and guide me.
    Best of luck to all

  19. Hi Sarah & co.
    Great work , I truly believe geo is essential esp during the schooling days cuz its so easy to fall in love with it 🙂
    Pls let me know how i could help in the geo awareness week.

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