Geography with Mrs. G

A couple months back, we hosted a homeschooling guest blogger, Kerry Jones, who shared her strategies for teaching geography to students of all ages.

I recently came across a punchy post from another homeschooling geography maven–Mrs. G–on the Pioneer Woman website. Not sure what the “G” stands for–I doubt it’s “geography”– but Mrs. G sure knows how to write a witty, engaging beat on the topic! I think all–geography buffs and novices, homeschoolers and public schoolers alike–will relate to some element of her experiences and musings. She incorporates some great visuals (see above), along with geography curriculum and resource suggestions, and a literature list. Even more recommendations can be found within the impressively massive comments forum. Thanks Melody C (#40) for the MWW shout-out, and also Mrs. G, for the many referrals to National Geographic materials.


Check out the rest of the Pioneer Woman (PW) homeschooling site for a
refreshing entrée into the world of learning with homestead as home
base. PW sums up her family’s decision to homeschool as follows: Lots
of people support our decision to homeschool. Some are quietly guarded.
Others think we’re mentally ill. I vacillate between all three myself.

In this week’s PW quiz, “Do you homeschool your kids?” I had to vote
twice. Once for “I don’t have kids.” And a second time for “I like
coffee ice cream.” Both are very true (see my bio).

Sarah Jane

Image courtesy Mrs. G via Pioneer Woman.

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