Chugach Children’s Forest Expedition: Day 3

This is the third and final installment of field blogs from the Chugach Children’s Forest Expedition series.

June 21, 2009

Colross Passage: Cecilia
Glide through the deep sea shades of blue and white      
Diamonds looks float above the continues     
Wave catches tune binding together waves know the pattern
Know the pattern

IMG_0271.JPGPhoto credit:  Melissa Goslin

Icy Bay: Randall

Today was a very special, exciting, cold and lazy day. To start off our
day, we had the chance to sleep in for about an hour, and went on an
amazing kayak ride around Chenega Glacier. When we went on our kayaks,
seals were all around us poking their heads out of the water for 10
seconds, looking around at us and then going back under. We rode
through the ice chunks and we picked up small icebergs. We went back to
the boat and took a nap or justIMG_0330.JPG
chilled and relaxed. We were then told the weather was going to get
really bad so we prepared the boat and then went back to sleep. We were
awakened by waves pounding on the side of the boats and thought it
would be fun to get up and pretty much “ride” the waves from the
inside. Finally, as a part of our Summer Solstice celebration,
everybody got the idea to jump into the ocean. It was very exciting to
see everybody jump into the water, and some even jumped from the top of
the boat, and that was what made this day special.

Photo credit:  Melissa Goslin

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