My Wonderful World Celebrates Apollo’s 40th!

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Apollo’s landing on the moon!  NASA is celebrating this event that changed science and history forever with a host of new materials on their website.  In an effort to help our readers navigate through all the great resources offered, we checked out the site and came up with a list of our favorites.
Our Top Picks
 1) Apollo in Your Own Words
This series of short (approximately 1-3 minute) interviews shows first person testimony and reaction to the lunar landing. It is a great resource for anyone who wants to know not just what happened, but how it affected everyday Americans in different ways.

2) Apollo 10 the Adventures of Snoopy and Charlie Brown
This animated comic is valuable for both students and adults.  Starting with the take off and ending with the landing, the cartoon-like video is both entertaining and informative.  

3) Lunar Exploration Chronology
This online chronology follows the exploration of the moon from the Pioneer 1 mission in 1958 to the launch of the Lunar Prospector in 1998.  It includes not only NASA missions, but missions from all nations to the moon. Unlike a lot of other sites, the time line describes the purpose of all the attempts–even the failed ones.

nasa.jpgIn addition to these resources from NASA, check out Popular Mechanics for an in-depth account of the first lunar landing from the 100+ year-old science and technology magazine.

Melissa for My Wonderful World

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