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Thumbnail image for Sarah_IceCream2.jpgIn his recent ArcNews column, “Get Involved with Geo-Education Reform,” National Geographic Vice President for Education Danny Edelson stressed the need for those of us employed in professions that utilize geographic knowledge and skills to get the word out to friends, family, and others in our networks about what we DO and WHY it’s important.

His call to action is duly noted. While I do my fair share of geo-evangelizing in informal contexts (WARNING should you ever run into me at a party!), I also wax geographical on a professional basis through this blog–of course. I shared some insights on blogging about geography, and blogging as a means of impassioned communication, generally, for an online blog writing course run by guest blogger Kerry Jones. Check it out to learn where [on Earth!] the MWW blog team gets inspiration for the enlightening articles we post each week, what I love and loathe most about blogging, and for more *exclusive* insider tips…

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