The Simon Act has Success

senate.jpgThe Senator Paul Simon Study Abroad Foundation Act came one important step closer to being signed into law this week! The Simon Act seeks to provide support for a significant increase in study abroad opportunities for students and to promote diversity not only within the programs but among them as well. Specifically, the Simon Act aims to diversify the destinations for international education around the world as well as provide grants and aid to students from traditionally underrepresented groups to become engaged in these academic programs overseas.

As an overarching goal, the act seeks to “internationalize” U.S. colleges to create more globally informed students and citizens – a goal that goes hand in hand with our own campaign here at My Wonderful World. So far, the legislation has been passed by the U.S. House of Representatives and has generated a wide base of support. The bill’s journey has been buttressed by a strong grassroots movement and endorsed by over 35 higher education and educational exchange organizations.  The legislation is now awaiting full passage in the Senate to become a law. Check out the NAFSA blog for more information and to see how you can help ensure the bill gets passed in Senate, and join My Wonderful World in the cause to expand access to opportunities for international education!


Kirsten for My Wonderful World


Image coutesy “U.S. Capitol Roundup


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