Earth Week: It’s Earth Day!

Today, April 22nd, is Earth Day- – and what a day it is. No matter where you live, options abound as to what you can do this afternoon. We here at My Wonderful World would like to share some cool activities that you can participate in, some Earth Day related stories and some random tidbits for your reading pleasure.

1. Check out Tuesday’s post for suggestions on things to do today.

2. Share the importance of Earth Day with someone you care about by sending a World Wildlife Fund E-Card  or an E-Card from our very own Enric Sala (no paper waste!)

3. On Earth Day, Biden announces funding for clean vehicles.

After declaring that, “every day is Earth Day,” Vice-president Joe Biden announced the Clean Cities Alternative Fuel and Advanced Technology Vehicles Pilot Program, which will give $300 million in federal stimulus funding to state and local governments. The money, it is mandated, will result in cleaner and greener municipal vehicles in this country.

4. Go check out “Earth” at a movie theatre near you. Released just in time for Earth Day by the Disneynature label, the film follows three animal ‘families’ around the globe while they attempt to exist on an ever-changing planet.

4. Finally, you could just buy a $6000 dollar ‘Earth Day’ bicycle from Seven Cycles and call it day. According to Seven Cycles, they have, among other things, increased their strict standards for energy and resource reduction in the making of these bikes, making it a ‘greener’ bike than others that are produced worldwide. But then again, $6000?

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